How to care for your car

  1. Wash your car and keep the interior clean.  Not washing your car can create problems due to dirt and grim acting like a sand paper on your cars surface.  Not dealing with interior dirt and grim can cause permanent staining.  Keeping the interior looking its best will help resale value when it comes to trading your ride in.
  2. Change your vehicles oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles.  This will help your engine last longer and may even help with overall performance including mileage.
  3. Check your tire pressure.  This is important part of getting the maximum mileage for your vehicle, as well as maximizing tire life.
  4. Make sure your headlights are not scratched and faded.  It is quite common for headlights to become dull and this is not good for night driving.
  5. Using a water repellent for your windshield can be beneficial when you are driving for increased visibility and safety.