5 mistakes to avoid when detailing your car

  1. Using dish liquid to clean the outside of your car.
    • Using dish liquid can damage your car’s finish.  Use a proper detergent made specifically for your cars exterior
  2. Using vinyl protectant on leather seats
    • This is a big no no.  Always use protects that are specific for the areas that you are treating.
    • Multi-use products are not as effective for the intended use
    • Buy and use products that specifically address what you are trying to treat for better results
  3. Washing your vehicle in the blazing sun
    • This is a problem that many people don’t realize is a problem.  If you are using soap then this can dry and cause hard to remove water spots
  4.  Getting tire shine on paint
    • Very difficult to remove
    • better to spray a rag and then use the rag to apply the tire shine.  For added safety spray away from the vehicle
  5.  Using one rag or sponge on the entire vehicle
    • OMG one of the worst mistakes.  Dirt from your tires can scratch your cars finish
    • Also if you drop your rag onto the ground, discard and grab a new one.  Your rag will grab dirt and rocks that will scratch your paint
    • Please also use micro fibre towels for cleaning, these are special cloth to protect your cars finish.